Sunday, September 30, 2012

So I moved to Bellingham...

Two weeks ago, after living out in the rural county for 16 years, I moved to Bellingham in preparation of attending Western Washington University! WOOT!
It was an anxiety riddled journey; I began slowly packing 2 weeks before I actually moved, this is very true to my personality.
I moved in with 3 people; Craigslist people.  When I tell people this their eyes bulge, I'm sure they start a cold sweat, and then they ask me what the hell I was thinking. 
But fortunately, I get to laugh at their reactions because my roommates are actually awesome! There's 2 guys and 1 other girl and we seem to mesh well, give it a few months and we'll see if that changes, but they haven't stolen my stuff or peeped on me in the shower, and I haven't woken up with one standing over my bed, so I think moving in with them was a great decision.
Since I've moved out, I have gotten to experience lots of new and exciting things, like hiking Westerns Arboretum, tie-dying shirts (apparently there's ways to do it where you don't just squirt random colors everywhere), riding the WTA bus for the first time, and seeing squirrels on a daily basis.
So far the only negetive things about moving out have been having to cook my food for myself (or letting the microwave do it for me), the amount of walking you have to do at Western (see blister on my left foot) and having to drive 35 minutes to get to work.
It's been great overall and I can't wait to experience more!