Friday, October 12, 2012

From Internship to Paid Position

As I blogged about on October 1, I was a little upset with Western Washington University because I had completed 75 internship hours before they told me that I could not earn college credit for my work; MAJOR BUMMER!
But I can officially say that it has all been worth it because besides learning a lot from the experience, on Wednesday I OFFICIALLY got the job and am no longer an intern!  I am now the official Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for the Bellingham Blazers hockey team, and I couldn't be more excited! I love my job, often to the point where I'm like "what is this homework thing you speak of?" Because I would rather be doing work for the team. 
I feel so privileged for the opportunity to continue working for the Blazers and feel like I am slowly making my way to the top.  This is what I have dreamed about doing after graduating from college, and I'm doing it as a Junior in college.  It's pretty amazing.

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